The focus of the SH Communities’ Custom Home Division is to help create a buyer’s ‘dream house’ and make it become a reality. Working with the SH Communities team of professionals, the process of designing and finishing a custom home is simplified under one company’s roof. Homes are built with a commitment to craftsmanship using the absolute best materials, features, and upgrades, such as marble floors, wood cabintry, superior appliances, home theatres, and other amenities depending on the clients wants and needs. Most importantly, SH Communities strives to keep homes within the allocated budget and on the allotted construction schedule. With a plethora of floor plans form which to choose, SH offers a variety of sizes and styles of homes to meet any lifestyle from generous four bedroom residences, seen in the Amethyst model, to sprawling 6 bedroom luxury estates, seen in the Diamond, homebuyers are sure to have their interests met when choosing SH Communities to build their custom homes. Rehab work was done after Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida and SH’s immediate concern was to help its customers. At SH, one of the company’s mottos is “once a customer, always a customer.” The company took initiative to repair its homes and moved quickly to ensure that they could service client needs. Joining the long rebuilding effort taking place in South Florida at the time, SH performed work valued at approximately $5 million dollars to reconstruct its communities.


Custom homes range from 4,000 to 12,000 square feet.


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